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Take in

Temporary shelter for young immigrants over 18 years of age

A project of accommodation with a family taking in extutelated youth or in situation of social vulnerability, of migrant origin and without a family network in the territory. It offers a 9-month stay in a family environment, with technical support and accompaniment both to the young person and the volunteering family in their roles, process and living together.


The project provides the environment, the affective bond and the ideal context so that the young people who wish to enter this project can achieve a qualitative leap in their process of emancipation through: the daily accompaniment, an intensive emotional support to the difficulties they face, the improvement of the use and command of Catalan and Spanish, the possibility that the adults with whom they live become mentors, and the possibility of expanding the network and resources through the host family and the educational support.


The key activities to carry out the project are: the recruitment, selection and training of the participants (voluntary families and youth); the accompaniment in the beginning of the cohabitation and the educational follow-up of the young person (through an individual work plan and in network with other organizations and services); and the role that the families play as a reference in daily life.